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Handmade Swords - Langes Messer Replica

  • Overall weight: 1055 grams; original now c.820g due to corrosion loss
  • Blade length: 920mm; original now 910mm
  • Hilt length: 198mm
  • Point of balance: 148mm from cross

This is an exact re-creation of a late 15th century “langes messer” of German origin, from the Robert Lyons Scott Collection, in the care of Glasgow Museums. The hand-ground blade of EN45 carbon steel and steel hilt components were made following the measurement and tracing of the original. The original blade is now some 10mm shorter, but shows the clear markings of a scarf-welded repair close to the point of percussion. The reconstruction has restored the messer to its original dimensions.

Source: Copyright © 2013 James G. Elmslie - Historical consultant, Cutler

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I have been painfully inattentive to my blog ‘action scholar’ as of late, hopefully this summer I will atone for this sin. 

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